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Please see our Hamptons based fleet of Party buses and Shuttle buses ready to service your upcoming event.

Mercedes Sprinter

Limo Layout. 14 passenger vehicle. We recommend it for 12 passengers on longer trips for more comfort. It does have some trunk space. Good to fit 6-8 full size suitcases or 12-14 carry ons.

Ford Transit

Executive interior layout. 14 passenger vehicle. It does have lots of trunk space. Good to fit 14 full size suitcases or 14-20 carry ons. 14 golf bags also fit without issues.

Ford E450

Executive shuttle interior. 25 passenger vehicle.  Trunk will fit 20-25 full size suitcases or 20 golf bags.

Hamptons Party Bus 25 pass
Hamptons Party Bus 14 pass

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